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Accounts Receivable Service

Early Out

Our Early Out Self-Pay service is a seamless solution that focuses on self-pay and balance after insurance accounts. We act as an extension of your business office utilizing your logo, phone numbers, custom letters, policies and procedures. This program is a cost-effective solution that professionally compliments your business office. Our representatives in this department are industry standard CPAR certified.


In a perfect world your clients would pay for your services up front. Our solution for your line of business focuses on liberating your practice from the headache of managing your retainer payments, a source of income so many attorneys find to be their life-line. We offer seamless communication utilizing your custom letterhead, policies and procedures.


Loan officers were hired to make loans, not to be delinquent payment collectors. Our banking solution offers your loan officers and CSR’s the freedom to do what they were hired to do, keep current customers happy, and create new ones. We offer a seamless way for those neglected past dues to stay current by utilizing your logo, phone numbers, branch information, policies and procedures.

Bad Debt Service

First Placement Bad Debt Collections

Our First Placement Bad Debt service employs our seasoned collections department. We couple this experience by partnering with the right vendors and utilizing sophisticated tools that resolve your past due accounts the right way. You can rest assured that they will get the professional treatment they deserve in seeking resolution.

Second Placement Bad Debt Collections

Our Second Placement Bad Debt Collections service offers you the ability to have our agency work accounts regarded as uncollectable by another agency.

Pre-Legal & Legal Collections

Our Pre-Legal and Legal Collections service offers you the ability to utilize the court system to secure your debt. We front the cost, we represent you, and you get paid.

Bankruptcy Monitoring

Our Bankruptcy Monitoring service offers to file Chapter 13 proof of claims on your behalf and monitor the account for any pertinent changes that would affect collectability.


Darnel prides itself on being very competitive yet fair when quoting prices to prospects. We charge only a percentage of what we collect. If we do not collect there is never a charge to our client. Read More →


We maintain the highest standards to efficiently and accurately handle our client accounts with the most current security and technology that meets the strongest of regulations. We only train with leading techniques and we only partner with leading technology to make sure our clients receive the maximum results. Read More →



We are compliant in all arenas of business that we handle. We not only strive for your security but go beyond the call to give you the peace of mind that is needed when dealing with your sensitive customer information. Read More →



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Banking Collection

The collection process in banking is an essential part of the financial structure. It may be difficult to believe that a financial institution does not have the in-house staff to collect on its accounts receivable, but this is often the case. Banks now serve as multiplatform, highly technical institutions that require employees with vastly different skill sets. Automation within the industry has also reduced the amount of labor that any bank can hire without losing profit margins. Read More →


Medical Collections

Medical debt collection is one of the overlooked cornerstones of the medical industry. Without proper medical collection services, many small offices would find their in house staff overworked and out of their core competencies. Even large hospitals and medical facilities prefer to outsource bill collections to an agency for accounting and administration purposes. Read More →

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