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Darnel prides itself on being very competitive yet fair when quoting prices to prospects. We charge only a percentage of what we collect. If we do not collect there is never a charge to our client.

To be able to give you the best rate possible, we must have key information concerning your accounts. How much and how often you place accounts weigh heavily on what your rates will be. Also, the average size and the average age of the accounts at the time of placement, play a big part in the calculation of rates.

Many companies will quote you a rate without knowing these criteria. They are simply guessing and more times than not, they are guessing without all the facts. This may hurt you as a client. If an agency guesses at your rate and prices are too high, they are making too much money for the work they are doing. If however, the agency quotes you too low of a rate, they will not generate the cash flow needed to work your accounts fully. They will have to cut back on the amount of work they do to be able to afford the low rate they quoted. As they cut back on the work on your accounts, you will see a decrease in the amount of money they collect for you.

The common misconception is that the lower the rate, the better. This simply is just not true. Take a few minutes with a Darnel representative and let us show you how we can calculate the correct rate which will give you the best possible return.

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