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Darnel began just like any small business in America. It began by meeting a need in the community.


In 1979 Bobby Herring purchased the company and began leading it in a new direction. His experience with a multinational corporation that employed highly sophisticated data processing techniques allowed him to design a receivable management system that is a benchmark in the collection industry. With Bobby at the helm, Darnel Quick Recovery began to grow.


By 1982, the company developed its own proprietary collection software. The Collection Recovery Management (C.R.M.) suite brought the business into the digital age and gave it an advantage in the debt collection industry.


In 1992 Greg Herring began handling the operations of the business.


In 2003 Darnel was challenged with one of the biggest and most rewarding changes in the company’s history. The company began its Early Out program. Before this point in our history, and for many in the collection industry, Darnel had been strictly collections. The Early Out program proved to be a change in the philosophy and techniques of the company that required extensive updates and renovations. Today it is one of the premium features of the company.

Darnel is always experiencing growth! That’s the pattern over the years and it only happens because we offer a great service at a great price. With over 42 years of experience, check out the Darnel advantage and let’s see what we can do for you!

Darnel Quick Recovery, Inc.

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