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Collections FAQs

Debt Collector Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of misconceptions and concern surrounding debt collection and the debt collection industry as a whole. To help clear things up, we have collected a list of questions our representatives are frequently asked, from questions about who we are to inquiries about standard debt collection practices. For more in depth answers, please check out the informational articles below.

Stop Debt Collectors

  • How to Stop Collection Calls
  • How to Dispute a Debt
  • How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment
  • Smart Solutions for Dealing with Debt Collectors
  • How to Report a Debt Collector

Debt Collection Rules & Regulations

  • Debt Collection Scams
  • What is the FDCPA?
  • Debt Collection Laws & the Statute of Limitations
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Debt Collection
  • How Long Can Debt Collectors Pursue Old Debt?
  • Filing for Bankruptcy? Know Your Rights

Questions About Collection Agencies & Debt

  • How Do Collection Agencies Work?
  • 3 Reasons Not to Sue Debt Collectors
  • Can a Collection Agency Sue You?
  • How Do Collection Agencies Find You?
  • Negotiating with Debt Collectors
  • How Does Debt Affect My Credit?

Quick Reference

Click on the box to expand it for quick answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question below or in the resource articles above, please contact one of our representatives online or at 1-844-245-4500 for more information.

Questions About Darnel

Who is Darnel Quick Recovery?
Is Darnel a scam?
What types of creditors does Darnel represent?
Why is Darnel contacting me?

Questions About Your Debt

This is not my debt. What should I do?
Darnel is on my credit. What should I do?
How do I dispute a past due charge with Darnel?

Questions About Payment

How can I pay off my debt?
I cannot afford to pay this debt. What can I do?
Do I have to pay debt collectors?
Will Darnel take a settlement?

General Questions

What hours can a debt collector call?
Can a collection agency call you at work?
How do I find out what I have in collections?
Can debt collectors garnish wages?