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About Us

The Darnel Quick Recovery Advantage

Our team at Darnel Quick Recovery, Inc. are highly-skilled, trained professionals who specialize in first-party billing, commercial and consumer third-party collections. We have earned a stellar reputation among our peers. By utilizing leading technology, we are able to access debtor information, perform effective skip tracing, impact your debtor’s credit history and do timely, effective debtor contact and follow-up.

Our collection agency is large enough to offer rates that are competitive with larger firms while remaining small enough to provide your accounts with consistent, knowledgeable and expert attention. Unlike many larger firms, we do not require up-front fees to begin your bad debt and accounts receivable collection processes.

Every one of our clients receives as much personal attention and service as they require. No client is ever too small. Whatever your need, Darnel will exhaust every effort permitted on your account to yield the maximum recovery results. For our professional credentials, Darnel is compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and is a member of the Georgia Collectors Association and the American Collectors Association, Inc.

From the beginning Darnel Quick Recovery had a goal. Our goal was to become a trusted source of receivables management for the collection arena. Our knowledge of receivables and their ever changing regulations has helped us meet this goal.


Our Mission

We are committed to serve the cash management needs of our clients. Quality and value are instilled in each transaction and within each client. We are committed to encourage independent thinking and employee innovation, and to foster commitment in an atmosphere that enhances dignity and pride. We are committed to compliment the highly controlled nature of the communications business, particularly in the area of mandated disclosure, obligatory accountability and public trust. We are committed to the art of presenting and promoting goodwill while simultaneously recovering a superior rate of accounts receivable. While collection accounts are our business, helping people solve their financial problems is our commitment.

Darnel Quick Recovery, Inc.

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